Certificate in Cyber Security

This programme provides an opportunity for students to acquire an education and valuable skills in the field of Cyber Security. Students will learn various methodologies and practical aspects for identifying, detecting, and defending against cyber-attacks and cyber threat vectors. Other components such as ethical hacking, cybercrime, and policies are covered.


This certificate programme will include learning outcomes from the following areas: Cyber Security, Network Security, Cloud Computing, and Digital Forensics.

Delivery Mode

The courses will be offered in a modular format using a hybrid modality. Class format will allow students to meet face-to-face with their lecturer and colleagues and is also flexible enough to facilitate students who prefer an online platform.

Programme Duration

The programme duration will be 1 year. Each student is required to successfully complete all five (5) courses in the programme.

General Admissions Requirements

There are no stringent admission requirements for these courses. Anyone who has the desire may register for this certificate programme. The Department of Admission's policy for the admittance of Special Students, will be utilized. Apply Now

Calendar of Offerings

Courses Modules
CYB101: Cyber Security Essentials 1
CYB102: Information Assurance 2
CYB103: Cyber Crimes and Policies 3
CYB104: Intrusion Analysis 4
CYB105: Ethical Hacking & Network Defence 5

Description of Courses

CYBS 101: Cyber Security Essentials An introduction to cyber security concepts and procedures as it relates to protecting and securing systems. Best practices, latest technologies and foundation principles will be discussed.
CYBS 102: Information Assurance This course will look at protecting and defending critical information in cyberspace by ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability are in place and up-to-date. A range of vulnerabilities and threat vectors that affect corporate and government computer systems and networks will be examined. Prerequisite: CYBS 101-Cyber Security Essentials
CYBS 103: Cyber Crime and Policies Concepts and policies in areas such as cybercrime investigation, governing policies, legal practices, and cyber security will be addressed. Students will learn and develop abilities that will enable them to identify and counteract various issues related to cybercrime. Prerequisite: CYBS 102-Information Assurance
CYBS 104: Intrusion Analysis Students will be introduced to intrusion analysis and prevention, digital forensics, intrusion detection systems (IDS) configuration, and interpretation and analysis of network traffic, firewall and system related log files. Prerequisite: CYBS 103-Cyber Crime and Policies
CYBS 105: Ethical Hacking and Network Defence This course teaches students how to protect systems and networks from attacks using various techniques and ethical approaches. Practical exercises will be used to enforce theory in areas such as reconnaissance, attacking and defending, wireless network hacking, system and network scanning. Prerequisite: CYBS 104-Intrusion Analysis

Programme Cost

The total cost for the programme is: $150,000.00