Diploma: Information Technology

This programme provides an opportunity for students to acquire an education and valuable skills in the field of INformation Technology. In addition to earning the diploma in Information Technology, students will also have the opportunity to earn related industry certifications.

Delivery Mode

The courses will be offered in a modular format using a hybrid modality. Class format will allow students to meet face-to-face with their lecturer and colleagues and also provide an online interface for tasks outside of class.

Programme Duration

The programme duration will be 1 year. Each student is required to successfully complete all six (6) modules in the programme to earn the diploma. Each module will run for six (6) weeks.

Admission Requirements

Students must have at least three (3) external passes (CSEC General Proficiency level I, II, or III; GCE at grade A, B, C, from this region) or equivalent.

Calendar of Offerings

Courses Modules
Office Computer Applications 1
PC Upgrade and Repair 2
Network Design and Implementation 3
Fundamentals of Security Technologies 4
Systems Administration 1 - Windows Server 2016 (Install & Configure) 5
Systems Administration 2 - Linux 6

Programme Cost

The total cost for the programme is: $180,000.00

Application Form