graduate program: Information Systems

General Admissions Requirements

For an application package, students should contact the School of Graduate Studies, Northern Caribbean University Admissions Department or the Department of Computer and Information Sciences. Students should indicate the department and programme of study on their completed application package.

The M.Sc. in Information Systems programme offered by the Department of Computer & Information Sciences at Northern Caribbean University employs a flexible rolling admissions policy which enable prospective students to apply at any time throughout the year for the upcoming semester. Please note however that the number of applicants accepted for each semester is limited and therefore, prospective students are encouraged to apply as far in advance as possible.

Applicants should possess a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information science or related area from an approved or accredited institution. Students from other disciplines are encouraged to apply, however they may be required to complete additional course work to meet the requirements of the MSIS. Applicants should have a minimum cumulative GPA (grade point average) of 3.0 (on a 4 point scale) or a B average.

Admission is based upon a review of the applicant’s application, statement of interest, official transcripts from the registrar of the applicant’s college or university and two recommendations from major lecturers or professors.

Duration of Program

Based on the credits and the units offered, it should take 1 ½ -2 years of full-time study to complete the programme.