Course Schedule::SPRING 2018

CPTR293Field Group ProjectA8:00 AMTu2CIS Training LabOche Magbegor
CPTR490Advanced ProjectA9:30 AMF2F/View 3Hamlet Graham
CPTR489CIS Project/Research Proposal DevelopmentA9:30 AMF1F/View 2Oche Magbegor
CPTR240Upgrade & Repair of a PCA9:30 AMTuTh3F/View 3Henry Osborne
CPTR404Electronic CommerceA9:30 AMTuTh3ISEC-1Michael Reid
CPTR235Software EngineeringA9:30 AMTuTh3F/View 2Keron Tooma
CPTR120Computer ApplicationsA9:30 AMMW3Business Lab 2Keron Tooma
CPTR120Computer ApplicationsB9:30 AMTuTh3Business Lab 2Melvin Narayana
CPTR365Artificial IntelligenceA9:30 AMTuTh3CIS Training LabHalzen Smith
CPTR375Operating SystemsA9:30 AMMW3F/View 3Hamlet Graham
CPTR252Data Structures & AlgorithmsA9:30 AMMW3ISEC-1Melvin Narayana
CPTR151Principles of Programming IB9:30 AMMW3CIS Training LabHalzen Smith
CPTR450Database SystemsA11:00 AMTuTh3F/View 3Hamlet Graham
CPTR120Computer ApplicationsD11:00 AMMW3Business Lab 2Oche Magbegor
CPTR113Introduction to ProgrammingA11:00 AMTuTh3CIS Training LabOche Magbegor
CPTR356IT Project ManagementA11:00 AMMW3F/View 2Michael Reid
CPTR401Seminar in Computer Information ScienceA11:00 AMF1F/View 3Hamlet Graham
CPTR120Computer ApplicationsC12:30 PMTuTh3Business Lab 2Michael Reid
CPTR213Fundamentals of DatabasesA12:30 PMMW3ISEC-1Keron Tooma
CPTR112Introduction to Computer ScienceA12:30 PMTuTh3F/View 3Melvin Narayana
CPTR282Computer Organization & ArchitectureA12:30 PMMW3F/View 2Halzen Smith
CPTR304Internet AuthoringA12:30 PMTuTh3F/View 3Henry Osborne
CPTR380Data TelecommunicationA12:30 PMMW3F/View 3Hamlet Graham
CPTR470Data SecurityA12:30 PMMW3CIS Training LabHenry Osborne
CPTR123Computer EthicsA3:30 PMMW3F/View 2Melvin Narayana
CPTR363Information Security Policy & AuditingA3:30 PMMW3ISEC-1Henry Osborne
CPTR262Visual ProgrammingA3:30 PMMW3CIS Training LabOche Magbegor
CPTR112Introduction to Computer ScienceB3:30 PMMW3F/View 3Michael Reid
CPTR303IT Training and SupportA3:30 PMTuTh3F/View 3Keron Tooma
CPTR355Algorithm Analysis & DesignA3:30 PMTuTh3ISEC-1Halzen Smith
CPTR151Principles of Programming IA5:30 PMMW3ONLIDamion Mitchell
CPTR483Security Vulnerabilities and Attack PreventionA5:30 PMTuTh3ONLIMarlon Richards